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Relaxation/Swedish/ Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Pregnancy

    • 30 minutes: $50
    • 45 minutes: $65
    • 60 minutes: $80
    • 75 minutes: $95
    • 90 minutes: $110

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage is a very gentle massage that helps direct lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes to reduce and eliminate toxins from the body. The lymphatic system is part of your immune system and cleans toxins, proteins, cancer cells, viruses, and dead cells. Benefits include detoxification, immune system booster, improved sleep, reduced stress, decrease swelling, overall rejuvenation. (This is not designed to alleviate lymphedema.)

  • 60 minutes: $100
  • Deep Tissue & Lymphatic Massage Dual Session (120 minutes): $170

Facial Cupping

Using small cups for finer face features, facial cupping is a uniquely specialized service, which improves facial circulation for firmer skin and decreasing puffiness. It may help relieve jaw tension, sinus congestion, tension headaches and assist with lymphatic drainage. Like massage, the effects of cupping are cumulative. Keeping it a regular part of your massage therapy routine is optimal.

A 30-minute session includes treatment for the face, neck and decollete. A 15-minute session includes treatment for the face and neck. Facial cupping can be combined with a 60-, 75-, or 90-minute relaxation or deep tissue massage.

  • 15 minute facial cupping
    • with 60 minute massage: $110 (75 minute session)
    • with 75 minute massage: $125 (90 minute session)
    • with 90 minute massage: $140 (115 minute session)
  • 30 minute facial cupping
    • with 60 minute massage: $130 (90 minute session)
    • with 75 minute massage: $145 (115 minute session)
    • with 90 minute massage: $160 (120 minute session)

Advanced Hot Stone Massage

Specially designed CoreStones are heated and used to elevate the massage experience. CoreStones ergonomic design allows the tool to become an extension of the therapists’ hands. This allows the option for a deep tissue massage as opposed to the flat surface of a typical river rock. The stone coupled with heat induces a deep relaxation and provides a unique experience many find to tremendously calming and centering.

  • 60 minutes: $100
  • 90 minutes: $130

Massage Therapy Add-Ons

    • Massage Cupping Therapy & Gua Sha (targeted areas): Free
    • Therapeutic Oil:  $15 (add-on to Deep Tissue/Therapeutic or Relaxation/Swedish Massage)
    • Essential Oil Aromatherapy: Complementary and utilized via room diffuser and with foot massage.

On-Site Chair Massage

    • $80/hour | Chair massage for offices or groups.
    • For details call/text 218-791-0704/


Wellness Memberships | Prices Vary by Time length
    • Wellness members receive a monthly massage at a discounted price.  At the time of service, clients can determine if they want a relaxation massage or if they would like to integrate deep tissue massage into their session.  Wellness memberships are the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle as they are designed to relieve stress and tension, improve flexibility and circulation, and enhance a state of well-being. Members receive free cupping add-on by request and 20% off products for purchase.  Memberships auto-renew for 6 months.
      • 30 minute: $40/month
      • 45 minute: $55/month
      • 60 minute: $70/month
      • 75 minute: $85/month
      • 90 minute: $100/month
  • **Members receive free cupping add-on, $5 Therapeutic Oil Add-On 

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Prices subject to change due to industry standards. 

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