Safety Protocols

To ensure the safety of clients and the massage therapist, industry best practices described by the American Massage Therapy Association and the American Bodywork and Massage Professionals are demonstrated at Northern Mandala.  Further, the practice follows the ND Administrative Code Chapter 49-03-01 in regards to requirements for massage establishments.  Specific guidelines are as follows:


  • The office, waiting area and hall will be safe, clean and sanitary at all time.
  • Only the client should enter the facility.

Client & Therapist Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Per CDC guidelines, clients and therapist are encouraged to wear masks if within six feet for at least 10 minutes. Together with the client, the therapist will evaluate breathing comfort while client is laying face down (prone).
  • Health Intake & Client Consent: Clients will be asked to complete an annual health intake form. Upon each session, client will be asked to sign a client consent statement. Whenever possible, these will be provided online.
  • Hand Hygiene: Therapist will employ hand hygiene procedures from the hands to above elbows as described by the World Health Organization. Hand sanitizer will be available on premise for both therapist and client.
  • Advance Screening Questionnaire: Clients will receive a screening questionnaire 24 hours prior to their appointment. As possible, the screening will take place online.
    • Those with a fever within the last 24 hours, with respiratory or flu symptoms, sore throat or shortness of breath will have their appointment rescheduled without penalty. Those in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or with coronavirus-type symptoms will have their appointment rescheduled without penalty.
    • If the client has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the next appointment can be scheduled 72 hours after their last quarantine date.
  • Client Appointment Screening: At the time of appointment, clients will be screened for symptoms. Clients may also undergo a temperature check.
  • General Standard Precautions:
    • Draping and treatment will be provided in a way that ensures personal safety, comfort and privacy of the client.
    • Alcohol will not be provided to the client. Tobacco use or the use of e-cigarette/vaping devices are prohibited.
    • Establishment will have an adequate supply of hot and cold running water. A restroom is also available on premise.
    • Client records shall be stored so not readily accessible to the public.
    • Consider downloading the ND Care19 App to increase success levels with contact tracing.

Hygiene & Cleaning

  • All equipment and supplies will be in good working order in accordance with manufacturers instruction.
  • All tools, instruments, implements and equipment must be sanitized and disinfected before use on clients.
  • All linens, coverings, sheets, towels must be sanitized before coming in contact with the client. Massage table accessories used during services will be disposable or will be covered with a material that can be sanitized.
  • Laundry will be stored in covered, sanitized containers that are clearly delineated clean versus soiled. Gloves will be worn when handling soiled laundry.
  • All liquids, creams and products must be kept in clean, closed containers. Original product bottles must have original manufacturers label disclosing contents. Products must be dispensed via spatula, squeeze bottle, pump, dropper or similar dispenser so remaining product not contaminated. Unused products will be disposed.
  • Dispensing bottles for lotion or oils will be removed from the treatment room and bottles will be sanitized between uses.
  • Cabinets, drawers and storage units must be clean.

Cancellation Policy

Your therapy time is reserved exclusively for you. Cancellations are requested at least 24 hours in advance unless due to severe inclement weather. Clients who fail to show for service without notification are considered a no-show. Clients sick with cold or flu symptoms may cancel the day of service without penalty. If a client fails to show for two scheduled appointments, it is the massage therapist’s discretion for whether further appointments will be scheduled.

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