Facial Cupping

Using small cups for finer face features, facial cupping is a uniquely specialized service which improves facial circulation for firmer skin and decreasing puffiness. It may help relieve jaw tension, sinus congestion, tension headaches and assist with lymphatic drainage.

Preparing for Facial Cupping

If possible, please arrive to your appointment with clean skin. A gentle cleansing towelette will be available for use before your appointment if needed.

Facial oil is used to allow the cups to glide over the skin. Please inform your massage therapist if you have any nut allergies.

Cupping marks are uncommon because of lighter suction and consistent movements. Thin or sensitive skin may experience temporary redness that faces within a few days. Facial cupping isn’t painful. In fact, we believe it’s the ultimate add-on for a relaxing experience.

Immediately after treatment, people see reduced puffiness and firmer skin. Like massage, the effects of cupping are cumulative. Keeping it a regular part of your massage therapy routine is optimal.

Benefits of Facial Cupping

  • Improved Complexion: Cupping draws nutrient rich blood to the area. People may notice youthful skin, reduced puffiness and balanced skin moisture.
  • Relaxed and stimulated muscles: Cupping lifts tight muscles and can release connective tissue adhesions. This may help with tension headaches, jaw tension and softening scar tissue.
  • Increased detoxification and drainage: Cupping helps drain congested tissues. Cupping draws built up fluid toward the surface, relieves compressed tissues, and improves lymphatic flow. Cups are moved along lymphatic pathways assisting with drainage.

A 30-minute facial cupping session includes treatment for face, neck and decollete. A 15-minute session includes treatment for the face and neck. Facial cupping can be combined with a 60-, 75-, or 90-minute relaxation or deep tissue massage.

Schedule your facial cupping session today or talk with your massage therapist about adding it to your already scheduled session.

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